i am second: known

14 Dec

I write with a heavy heart today, after a busy day yesterday I decided to come into the office and write my third blog post from the live second devotional this morning. After getting some things done I sat down to the computer and came face to face with a mother’s worst nightmare. For those of you who don’t know this morning a gunman entered a Connecticut elementary school and began opening fire. At this time they still haven’t released a fatality count but it doesn’t look good. There is no way that it could look good. Parents are searching for their children not knowing if they simply are in another part of the staging location or if they are one of the too many parents who will find out that their children won’t come home. I’m not a parent but I’m sitting here sobbing. I can’t imagine that pain, that fear, that unknowing. I can’t imagine there would be anything worst. I’m devastated for these families and am at one of those points that prayer doesn’t feel like enough yet it feels like everything. I hurt with all of my being for our nation and for the other nations that are going through this.  My words mean so little right now and I am at a loss of what to say. As people come in and out praying, asking, crying out to God for these families we’re at a loss. What a time is this to know that we have a God who knows? God knows our hearts. God knows the hearts of the families who are going through this pain. He knows.



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One Response to “i am second: known”

  1. Robin Gilbert Luftig December 14, 2012 at 1:18 pm #

    I can only imagine how heavy God’s heart is when the people he created hurt as badly as those suffering loss today. I pray that God comforts them in only the way that he can. So much loss. So much loss.

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